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Welcome to MasterFix !

The Masterfix Ltd, with the experience, knowledge and skills that characterize a high status company, has set its sights on providing advanced property maintenance services. As such company, it possesses those qualities that have made the Masterfix one of the elite of its kind. Thus, we operate with professionalism, respect for the customer’s needs and enquiries and, best of all, we really enjoy what we do. With eighteen years experience managing hundreds of properties in the East South coast of Cyprus, we are fully aware of the maintenance and repair problems that can present themselves and we take pride in our ability to handle all sorts of tasks.

The primary aim of the company is not only to respond to any emergency that might occur and provide our customers with an efficient and respectful service but also to deliver a quality maintenance service.

We are happy to offer every property owner the opportunity to consider engaging our services. With us you need look no further for all your property maintenance needs. With others there are questions, which must be considered. Sometimes, time is not an issue but neither is it negligible – are other companies as prompt as we are? In addition, are other maintenance companies as reliable and professional as we are? Can they promise the compliance with property codes that we are offering? We can take over your property responsibilities and, moreover, assure you of a courteous and comprehensive service by deploying all the skills and knowledge that have ensured our recognition as the leader in the marketplace.


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